The United Youth Initiative – A Short History

The United Youth Initiative (UYI) was founded in 1992 by Dr. Benjamin Floyd, also founder of the Memphis Legacy Foundation,  and head of the Children-United Association. Together with a network of more than 60 affiliate sites and well over 100 youth workers our goal is reaching out to approximately 12,000 youth on a weekly basis.

UYI expects to become the role model for cities all over the U. S. for creating this truly outstanding focused effort to train and fund full-time outreach workers who look to provide support for teens and pre-teens to become healthy, productive members of society. UYI helpers travel to where kids are, look to build relationships, serve as volunteers in their schools, provide helpful after-school programming, and engage with them in various summer camping and engaging activities. Several schools employ a trained educational specialist to help young people succeed in life.

At UYI, our most recent initiative is Hope4Youth, a partnership to assign young adults considered high-risk because of repeated offenses, to four veteran youth workers serving as mentors in the various Memphis communities.